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Video Game Awards

get your game on.

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Welcome to videogameawards! This is an icon awards community for fans of all console video games. This community is founded by adaneko and is now moderated by nyaabo and astrokittie.

This community was founded because I felt there were not enough icontests out there that encompassed all the games I liked. Too many were limited to RPGs or Square-Enix games. I hope that this community encourages people to make icons of other, non-FF video games (though FF icons are certainly welcome).

So what are you allowed to enter here? Any icon that's related to a video game. Any genre is welcome — action, RPG, fighting, puzzle... anything. Unfortunately, we will not accept icons from PC "games" that are visual novels and dating sims.

Members aren't all required to submit an icon to participate. Voting is just as important, so please join even it it's only to vote. You do not need posting access for this community. All members need to do is comment on posts.

All past themes, entries, winners, and banners are archived in the community memories.

Hall of Fame: All Past First Place Winners
Hall of Fame: All Past Special Category Winners

Banner Rotation Schedule

1. Be polite and considerate of others.
2. Don't steal another person's work.
3. You must ask the creator of the icon before you take it. Give proper credit in the icon's keywords or comments.
4. Don't complain if you don't win.
5. Do not post spoilers. Use common sense with this, please.

A new theme will be posted every week on Sunday @ 10AM Central Standard Time, the same time as the weekly voting post. Icons may be submitted for the new theme between the time of posting until the next Sunday @ 10AM CST, which allows members one full week for icon making. Want to suggest a theme?
1. You must be a member to participate. It doesn't count if you're only watching the community. Members are allowed up to two submissions per theme (unless stated otherwise).
2. Icons should be no bigger than 100x100 pixels/40kb. Must be in .gif, .jpg., or .png format.
3. Icons must be video game-related. PC games do not count. Also remember to keep your icon tasteful.
4. Only use official artwork and screenshots.
5. Icons must be made new for the contests. They cannot be displayed publicly before voting is over.
6. Icons must be uploaded onto a server that allows hot-linking. (ie. Photobucket)
7. Do not advertise your icon before/during the contest! If you do you will be disqualified. "Advertising" includes but is not limited to posting your icon for others to see before the contest is over, showing another which your icon is to get their vote, using the icon before the results are announced, etc.
8. You may submit your icon to another contest as long as the contest is running on the same weekly schedule as us. This means that results should not be announced until Tuesday night. Always double check that the other community allows this, and it's good to inform the moderators of both communities that you are cross-entering.
9. You are allowed to resubmit your icon to a contest as many times as you'd like before voting begins.
10. Make sure you're submitting your icon to the correct post. All submission posts are labeled "Week #: Submit". Please enter your icon in the following format:

    URL: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f198/videogameawards/Reith-Example.png
    Character/Game: Reith from Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata

Voting for icons will open on each Sunday @ 10AM Central Standard Time and close on the following Tuesday @ 9PM CST.
1. You must be a member to participate. It doesn't count if you're only watching the community. Members are allowed to vote once per contest. Do not vote multiple times on different accounts. You will be banned.
2. You must vote for 4 icons per theme. Denote your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices, then your vote for the Special Category (see below); 1st choice will receive 3 points, 2nd choice 2 points, 3rd choice 1 point. (Point system by fatali @ ff_awards.) Please vote in one of these formats:

            1st: 43
            2nd: 27
            3rd: 31
            Special: 50

            43, 27, 31

3. Do not vote for the same icon twice. If you do your vote will be discarded.
4. Do not vote for yourself. If you do your vote will be discarded.
5. Vote fairly. Don't vote for an icon just because your favorite character or game is featured on it.

The Special Category is picked randomly just before voting opens. This place is awarded to the icon that receives the most votes for the special category. The six categories are:
Most Creative: The icon that shows the most originality from the others through its cropping, blending, captioning, or typography, etc.

Most Emotional: The icon that has the biggest emotional impact on the viewer compared to the other icons. The image and/or text is very well chosen and evokes any strong feeling.

Best Adaption: The icon that represents the theme the best through both the chosen image and text.

Best Caption: The icon that has the best text content. This means the words' actual meaning matches the icon well. This can be well-chosen lyrics, a good phrase, or even a single, effective word. Don't confuse this with Best Typography!

Best Color: The icon that stands out from the rest color-wise. It has the most effective use of color, whether it's faded, vivid, monotone, or duotone, etc.

Best Typography: The icon with the best treatment of text regardless of text content. This applies to the physical appearance of the words on the icon and can include good use of dingbats. Good text placement also plays a role in good typography. Don't confuse this with Best Caption!

After winners are announced, there will always be an anonymous ranking to go along with the winners post so all the entrants can see how their icon fared.

As of 11/28/07, all winners that wish to recieve a banner will be sent to custom_banners, as the community has no permanent banner makers. Further instructions will be located in all results posts.

Notes: The old banner making schedule is located here

If you run an icontest or another icon/video game related community and would like to affiliate with us, please leave us a comment on this post and I'll get back to as soon as I can. Thank you!
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Adora from Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata

Iori from King of Fighters

Dante from Devil May Cry

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment on one of the posts in the community. You may also contact me by email.
Moderator: adaneko - email

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