DRILLER KILLER (astrokittie) wrote in videogameawards,

Week 79: Theme

I hope we haven't done this one before. =x

Theme: Eternity

Week 79 Icon Rules:
- This theme is open for interpretation. You may choose to convey the theme through words (synonyms can be found here) or through the image on the icon.
- Your icon must be compatible with LJ. That is, no bigger than 40kb and 100x100px in gif/jpg/png format.
- Only official artwork and screenshots are allowed.
- You may submit up to 2 icons.

Submit an icon by commenting on this post with your icon, the URL of your icon, the character name (if applicable), and game title. Click here for an example submission.

Icons are due on Sunday (August 17) at 10PM CST. You must be a member to submit an icon. Please read and follow the community rules.

If you alter your entry after you've submitted it, please make a comment letting me know. Remember you're allowed to resubmit a new icon up until the deadline if you're not satisfied with it. If you have a question about the theme, feel free to ask it here.


Have a theme to suggest? Suggest it here!

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