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Week 78: Voting

Sorry about the delay!! Here are the icons for Foreign Language! Thanks for submitting, everyone.

Vote for three icons total-two for best overall, and one for the special category, like this:
1st: 43
2nd: 35
Special: 50

43, 35

Please make it sure your vote follows a format similar to the ones shown above. Make sure they are in order from your 1st choice to 3rd choice. 1st choice icon will get 2 pts, and 2nd choice 1 pt. You must be a member to vote. All four numbers you put down MUST be different or we'll discard your vote! Also remember not to vote for yourself.

The special category this week will be [ Best Caption ]. This is the icon that has the best text content. This means the words' actual meaning matches the icon well. This can be well-chosen lyrics, a good phrase, or even a single, effective word. Don't confuse this with Best Typography!

- 01 -
- 02 -
- 03 -
- 04 -
- 05 -

Translations, Featured Languages & Characters:
01 - "Welcome to my castle" in German; Alucard; Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
02 - "singing bird" in German; Shiho ; Valkyrie Profile
03 - "this one defends and the other one conquers" in Latin; Shiho & Suo; Valkyrie Profile
04 - "mercy blow, deathblow, final blow, or decisive stroke" in French; Miranda; Legend of Dragoon
05 - "Eternal" in Spanish; Lightning; Final Fantasy XIII

Voting will end this Thursday (Aug. 14) at 10PM CST. All members are allowed to vote regardless of whether they entered an icon. Good luck, guys!

EDIT: Sorry about that, comments are now screened! Vote away!

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